Spring Recital 2016

Well done to everyone who performed at the Assembly Rooms last Saturday, 7th May. Big thank you to all the friends and relatives who came along to support you. Everyone did a wonderful job and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Some pictures and videos can be found on the gallery page. Copies of all will be emailed to parents this week.


Summer Recital

This year’s Summer Recital was held at The Assembly Rooms on Preston Street. It’s always a highlight of the year- this year we had 26 performers playing solos, duets and singing songs!

image image

It’s never too late to learn… here are two very brave adult performers with their certificates!

image image

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Term is nearly over and we are getting ready for our Christmas Recital at St Mary’s Parish Church this weekend!

Beginner’s Christmas Gift Vouchers are now available priced at £65. Perfect present for someone who has always wanted to learn, or a young child who wants to try out piano lessons for a short while to see if they like it.

This voucher is for five lessons and includes all music and materials. Please contact for details!